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Why Choose Troopaz Inc?

  • Access to Mobile “G” Track
  • Professional Photography
  • Audio/Video Production
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development
  • Marketing & Advertising
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G Track

Mobile Advertising


Bid Data Transparency
  • Able to view statistics of ad bid data.
  • Provides bid stats (ad info, top apps, etc).
  • Always know what you are paying for


Daily Reports
  • Reports sent out weekly.
  • Contains stats pertaining to bids and trends.
  • Detailed reports available on request.


Dynamic Pricing
  • Pricing geared towards client budget.
  • Provides Impeccable work for your dollar.
  • Flexible rates and opportunities.


Cross-Exchange Buying
  • Connect to various ad exchanges worldwide.
  • Pick and choose from a list of ad exchanges.
  • Get ad space in your target audience.


Cherry Picking
  • Create/view list of publishers and impressions.
  • Control views, price, publishers and impressions.
  • Customize your ad campaign.


Mobile Advertising
  • Advertise across devices.
  • Bid on ad space displayed on various spaces.
  • Specify your ad for location, demographic and more.



Targeting Available

Target specific audiences how you choose with our services.






Operating System








Ad Traffic


Standard Ads

File formats supported: .JPG, .PNG, .GIF


Horizontal Banner

  • Dimensions: 300 X 50 pixels
  • Size: Less than 15 KB

Ad Sample

Large Banner

  • Dimensions: 320 X 50 pixels
  • Size: Less than 15 KB

Ad Sample

Tablet Landscape

  • Dimensions: 468 X 50 pixels
  • Size: Less than 40 KB

Ad Sample

X-Large Tablet Landscape

  • Dimensions: 728 X 90 pixels
  • Size: Less than 80 KB

Ad Sample

Square Banner

  • Dimensions: 300 X 250 pixels
  • Size: Less than 80 KB

Ad Sample

Tablet Vertical Banner

  • Dimensions: 120 X 600 pixels
  • Size: Less than 80 KB

Ad Sample


Rich Media Ads


Banner Type 1

Dimensions: 320 X 50
Click to video size: Less than 3 MB
Full screen video: Less than 3 MB
Slider video: Less than 15 KB

Banner Type 2

Dimensions: 300 X 50
Click to video size: Less than 3 MB
Full screen video: Less than 3 MB
Slider video: Less than 15 KB
Expandable: Less than 15 KB

Banner Type 3

Dimensions: 300 X 250
Click to video size: Less than 3 MB
Full screen video: Less than 3 MB


Recommended file formats:

Recommended video quality:
250kps, 20-30fps

Recommended audio quality:
16bit 44hz stereo

Max animation:
30 seconds




Available in both Standard and Rich Media



  • Potrait: 320 X 480
  • Landscape: 480 X 320


  • Potrait: 768 X 1024
  • Landscape: 1024 X 768



Professional. Modern. Efficient

Our service produces high quality head shots and business portraits. In addition to fashion, model and product photography. Our service always promotes styles and originality. We offer services in studio in our office, or on site if requested.

Packages Available



20 minute session
Package includes:

  • 5 pictures
  • 2 Poses
  • 2 Backgrounds



30 minute session
Package includes:

  • 10 pictures
  • 5 Poses
  • 5 Backgrounds



45 minute session
Package includes:

  • 25 pictures
  • Unlimited Poses
  • Unlimited Backgrounds



60 minute session
Package includes:

  • Full Session
  • Unlimited Poses
  • Unlimited Backgrounds

Book Session Now




Image of sound board


microphone with headphones on it
Place sound bar here

Using our in house studio, TiStudio, and our passion for music, we strive to help you bring the best out of your sound and can help individual, new, or established artists in the industry achieve their goals.

Services we offer:

  • Audio & Music Production
  • Recording
  • Editing
  • Mix CD Production
  • Mastering
  • Voice-over
  • DJ Mix
  • Announcements for events
  • Radio Commercials
  • Vocal Drops
  • Beat and Music Composition


  • Full Production Studio
  • On-Site Producer
  • Vocal Booth

Let TiStudio help let your creativity out, whether it is recording, sound editing, voice overs, and much more.

Call for your free 30-minute consult today! LOCAL: 416 282 2221.


About Us


Founded in 2007, Troopaz Inc is a revolutionary Canadian marketing and advertising company located in a convenient location in Scarborough, Ontario. We at Troopaz Inc value our current and future clients as we grow towards the future through hard work, commitment, and dedication to our work.

Troopaz Inc strives to stay on top of the latest technology and designs to bring our clients clean and engaging designs to their advertising and marketing needs. We at Troopaz Inc, work with our talented staff, who with their experience, knowledge, and expertise to get the job done. Our mission is to revitalize each business through new age developments, with solid structure and providing rapid results.

Troopaz Inc is always actively interacting with our clients to meet their business needs. As well as helping them discover and generate the business their customers need. Troopaz Inc provides a platform for companies to create a new foundation for their business growth by helping them expand on sales, customers, and development.

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Office #: (888) 527-4868
Fax #: (877) 676-8879
Address: 60 Venture Dr. Unit# 19, Scarborough Ontario, M1B 3S4